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Veteran Success Story

Veteran Success Story

Veteran Success Story

Veteran Success Story

Veteran Success Story


Veteran Success Story

July 21, 2014
Dear Lynn,

Good morning. I wanted to write a formal letter of appreciation for all the assistance we have received from The Fallen and Wounded Soldier's Fund. Due to your assistance and generosity, we have been able to meet our bills as we transition back to civilian life. The patience and speed with which you responded is amazing - we would not have been able to keep going as family without it. Not only have we been able to meet our bills but we have been able to get supplies for our new home, turn on utilities, and begin to establish a stable home again. We can never repay the kindness of the FWSF and it's donors. For this wounded veteran's family, the assistance received has been invaluable.

Thank you,
Michael and Erica


Marine Cpl. John Lockwood
Marine from Saline is healing
Posted by Geoff Larcom | The Ann Arbor News

To the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund Staff,

On behalf of my husband Jerry and myself I would like to Thank You all very much for your kindness and support. . . . We hope to someday soon be able to give back to another military family the blessing that has been given to us.


The Sgt. Jerold B Family

Hi, my name is Rick D.

Recently you helped with some financial trouble I was having, which I greatly appreciate, thank you so very much. Right now I am dealing with a lot of issues from being in Iraq. . . . we had just entered the city of Bayji when my truck was hit by an anti tank grenade, it went off right above my seat, I was showered with shrapnel, my gunner sustained shrapnel wounds to his arm. . . . I still have shrapnel in both of my legs, and sometimes my legs do bother me . . . I have PTSD which seems to be one of my bigger issues . . . I am in the process of getting all my problems taken care of . . once again I would like to thank your organization for the help you have given me. . . if there is anything I can do for your organization, by volunteering time or work, I would be more than happy to do so.

Rick D – Portland MI

ROBERT WINEGAR JR. was critically wounded in Iraq and was in Brooke Medical Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Winegar's family and friends raised funds to help him by holding a fundraising event. The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund supported this event and contributed to the Robert Winegar, Jr. Foundation, in conjunction with Huntington Bank. Thousands of dollars were raised and all proceeds went to this hero who has given so much for our freedom.

Dozens of other troops have benefitted from coming to the FWSF with their needs. Families have been able to stave off foreclosure on their homes, rent payments have been made to landlords, and car and utility payments are made to keep our soldiers moving forward with their lives.

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